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Aesop: In His 3rd Millenium
II. The Scorpion and The Ladybug

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The tale of The Scorpion and The Ladybug has come down through oral tradition and varied translations in many guises, with The Scorpion's companion being, variously, a Frog, a Beetle, and, my favorite, a Ladybug.

"It is the Nature of the Beast which will always prevail. One can be true only to one's own Nature."

A Scorpion befriended a Ladybug who became a loyal comrade to him. He, in turned, told her one day that he loved her. A time came when she struggled to cross a challenging and dangerous river in which swam River Creatures who would destroy her, and the Scorpion suggested they travel to the other side together and he would carry her and keep her safe. He promised to be her friend always.

The trip was long and arduous and took many months of time. The River Creatures played with the Scorpion and he was convinced they were fine Companions.


The Scorpion enjoyed the games of the River Creatures and refused to accept that they were a threat to his friend, the Ladybug. Nor did he acknowledge that they hated her and would harm her, as Evil always hates what is decent and would destroy it.

The River Creatures played pranks on the Ladybug to lure the Scorpion away from her, even disguising themselves to attract the Scorpion to their ways. They treated the Ladybug crudely and with contempt while entertaining the Scorpion and distracting him with pleasures. Soon the Ladybug's friendship was no longer important to him.

He transported her across the river safely, but then, pleasing his new friends, he allowed his tail to dip upon the Ladybug with its venomous sting. As she lay in greatest pain, she said, "...but were my friend. Why?"

He shrugged, and said, "Because it is my Nature."


The traits of corrupt Companions may elicit a man's darkest nature, and irreparably damage his Integrity.