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Aesop: In His 3rd Millenium
XII. The Dog, the Cat, and the Bear

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A Dog and a Cat became friends and traveled to a distant town together. It came about that they had to traverse a dark and dangerous Forest where Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my, lurked.

Suddenly they heard a rumbling and a crashing and the thumping of something large stomping along the path they were on. The Cat immediately climbed a tree and concealed herself in the branches. The Dog was too large to hide, but decided to meet his death face to face.

When the huge animal emerged from the brush it was a giant bear, who stopped and looked at the stalwart Dog who sat erect, glaring at him. The Bear approached the Dog, sniffing at him, and regarding him with what could only be curiosity..

The Dog trembled but held fast. After his sniff inspection, the Bear murmured something in the Dog's ear, then turned and left. The Cat climbed down the tree and asked the Dog why the Bear had not eaten him.

The Dog replied frostily, "Why, he said he would not eat me because he preferred Cat meat and would wait for the Cat in the tree. And he also gave me some advice."

"What was that?" inquired the Cat nervously.

"Just never to travel with one who may have claimed to be a friend, but who deserts you when the going gets rough."


Fair weather friends Like skies of blue...

Editor's Note: ooops? Did I neglect to mention the breed of cat? Hmmmmmm. It's the breed that never changes its spots.

"A friend who leaves you,
Is a friend who grieves you..."


"But a friend in need,
Is a friend indeed!"



But it's in life's storms real friends shine through.