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Aesop: In His 3rd Millenium
XIII. The Ship and the Whale

About Ideals...


Humpback whale in salt breach.

This Fable did not originate with Aesop.
It is here because I like the quote a lot.

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A whaling Ship became Lost at Sea. It had become ashamed of its work, and when the captain and crew were in the harpoon boats in pursuit of a whale, the Ship fled.

It sighted a Whale, and called out, "I have become lost!"

The Whale, who was ancient and wise, knew that the Ship had suffered a Crisis of Conscience. He told her, "Ah, no, my friend. You were lost, but now you are found. Look to the Stars!"

And the Ship looked up to the heavens, and there found the guidance she sought.

The Clipper Ship
Artist: Charles Vickery
The painting is a link to his website.

The California Nebula
Courtesy the Hubble Institute


"Ideals are like the Stars.
We may never reach them, but like Mariners upon the seas,
we chart our course by them"