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Aesop: In His 3rd Millenium
VIII. The Elephant, The Katydid, and The Bear

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The loss of a friend whom one has betrayed might be the sharpest loss of all.

"Loyalty is the sum of Faith, Hope, and Love, and thereby is the greatest of all Virtues."


A fierce windstorm swept down upon the plains destroying all in its path. A Katydid, clinging to a Twig, survived, but the wind carried her far from her home and dropped her, still holding desperately to her Twig, in a dense Jungle far away.

A massive Elephant happened upon her and was fascinated by this unusual creature, so different from all the other Jungle creatures. He befriended her and kept her close, because she was amusing and witty and sang her lovely songs in his ear. He vowed he loved her and would be her friend always.

The Katydid was grateful and terribly impressed with the handsome, articulate Elephant. She loved him well for his kindness and attention especially as those dear to her had been killed in the storm. He was there for her through her loss.


Other Jungle creatures resented the Katydid for her strangeness, so unlike themselves, and became determined to destroy her and win the Elephants favor for themselves.

It wasnt difficult to accomplish. The Elephant was vain of his size and aura of command and enjoyed the attention of the female Jungle denizens, and the Jungle creatures played on that. Soon he rid himself of the Katydid,

who, without his protection found herself fleeing and hiding from the Jungle beings who tried to destroy her.

As she lay cowering under her Twig, a huge Bear found her and picked up the Twig to examine her. Like the Elephant, he was intrigued by this strange tiny creature. Like the Elephant, he felt protective of her. Like the Elephant he loved her song.

Unlike the Elephant, however, when he, too, vowed he had come to love her, he cherished her and was loyal to her. He had faith in her and refused to believe the nasty Jungle creatures who tried to lure him away from her. The Bear gave her Hope and comfort. And his Love was unfailing.


And all this she gave him in return, first in gratitude, but ultimately because she learned that Bear had a glorious, loving, constant Nature.

The Elephant happened to notice her one day, perched on the Bear's shoulder. He frowned and grew angry! "You are faithless, unreliable, and a liar," he snarled at her.

"I have never lied to you," she responded. "I kept faith with you. I loved you truly and have always been a loyal friend to you. But you were not Loyal to me, and my Bear has been loyal. I love him as much, perhaps even more than I loved you." She was saddened because she still cared for the Elephant but she knew he would destroy her.

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