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Pages with a few Books!

Showing book covers for various nics that might be chosen
to become a member of the Book Club...

Except for the Photos of Us page, each page on this site shows a selection of Book Cover illustrations that depict possible nics for the Book Club... nics for Pat, Yvonne, and me, Kate... and perhaps, to come, any others who are friends.

The Photos of Us Page provides JPG photos for Hoyle to use for profiles.

The other page links are tabbed by theme... that is, a root word being considered for the nic.

These are just ideas for all of us to check out.

Each photo on the album pages is numbered so that they may be easily identified for choice.

Possible nics based on the covers are shown at the top with character count taken into consideration.

An apology: These pictures are all gif files and the resolution is terrible. BookofHoyle seems able to improve that on the final selection. I hope you can get a sense of the design OK.

Pat and Kate have been regular partners for almost a year and have become close friends. They plan to continue to play together in the Club.

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