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Shannon Editing
When Words Are Stock In Trade

Tap Into The Shannon Experience
When Words Are Stock In Trade
The Importance Of The DRAFT Horse!

The Price of The Best is the Least Costly.

Rainbow over Banff, Canada

To find the end of your rainbow,
start with
your dream.
And there is
a rainbow's end for us all.
Never doubt that.

All fees are determined by each project, none of which is like another.

Fees have been as little as $100 for a (ghost-written) 20-minute speech, to $10,000 for the developmental editing of a 326-page work.

Developmental editing takes place from inception through publication, and includes manuscript restructuring as needed, all drafts and rewrites, research specific to the project, and working with agent and publisher.

Ghost writing a full book, requiring responsibility from first outline through completion for a manuscript, begins at $20,000. This requires extensive interviews with the author and other sources.

Publication is never guaranteed if the author's work is done on spec. For material already sold and/or assigned by a publisher, acceptance by the publisher is assured. SHANNON EDITING performs until the publisher's contractual agreement with the author is fulfilled.


"Click Me" to Reach Me

The process is this:

The original, exploratory interview is at no charge. It takes place either via on-line messaging (like ICQ, MSN Messenger), or by telephone (your dime).

There is no reading fee to review a one-page abstract of a full-length book, with the first chapter, and a chapter outline for the balance of the book.

You will be provided a possible approach to your project by email, with the caveat that it will be adapted and changed as needed. However, both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts must be submitted to me before my bid.

There is a separate reading fee of $100 for the required read of a full-length manuscript prior to a bid or contract between us, regardless of whether you have finished the book, even in draft form, or not. The fee must be paid in advance and will cover, from me, a detailed written analysis of the primary needs the book requires as I view them.

I will formulate a bid and submit it as a contract proposal. When you have signed and notarized the contract, you send it by snail mail to me for my signature.

All contracts require the entire amount of the bid to be deposited in an escrow account which I set up before work is commenced. The contract will stipulate an additional deposit towards expenses over and above the bid for the job; the expense funds will also be placed in escrow before any work by Shannon Editing begins.

The escrow fees will be paid by me.

Expenses are defined as long distance phone calls, postage, and any other collateral expense, including but not limited to travel expense incurred specifically for the project.

Funds are paid out from the escrow account in accordance with the fee schedule set forth in the contract. Expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of invoices with receipts which I provide the escrow officer.

Occasionally, when my contribution to a work in progress involves substantial rewrite and/or research, co-authorship credit may be a contingency in the contract together with a shared advance and royalty agreement, which may reduce the amount of the fees without such a contingency. However, the maximum fee must be the amount deposited in escrow.

Contracts for books provide for title page credit to Shannon Editing on projects requiring major work by me. All other undertakings require acknowledgment of Shannon contributions in a preface or note.

Now. Are you ready? The last link is
"The Importance of the DRAFT Horse!"...

The metaphor plays on several meanings:
the rewrite drafts we must do exhaustively;
the work horses we become;
the imperative of using Best of Breed,
as illustrated by the Shire and the Percherons you will meet on the page.

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