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The Blue Barn


Come taste our strawberries,
Come pick from our vines...

Proprietors: Kyle and Hattie Schenk
With able support from: Ben, Adam, & Noah Schenk

In this space all the information about your products may appear: what they are (strawberries, raspberries, punkins, hayrides, pastoral ambience?), why they are special and unique, how to obtain them, and any other information that will attract the customers that you want.

The Story of The Blue Barn

Here might be the genesis of The Blue Barn.... the Valley... the setting that makes it special. I would love to write this! About the love of growing things, about the love that abides there...

This is where your logo goes. If you already have one, it only needs to be scanned as a jpeg file (Kinko's can do this) and emailed to me as an attachment. If you do not have one, we can design a nifty one for you. It will include information for contacting you, getting to you, whatever you wish for marketing your straws... :-)