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Aesop: In His 3rd Millenium
VII. The Fox and his Tale

About Retribution...


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What goes around, comes around. Suppress the need to retaliate for harms you feel have been done to you. It will be taken care of by powers far beyond your own. And... you can be the Angel of Forebearance!

"Leave Retribution to the gods, for their vengeange is more powerful than any a victim can muster."

It had been a lean year and hunting was scanty. A Fox ranged far and wide to find food for his Vixen and their Kits.

He came upon a prosperous farm with rich crops close to harvest and at least three henhouses filled with hundreds of fowl. In the face of such plenitude, the Fox hoped that one chicken would not be missed. He seized one and hurried back to his family.

Several weeks later, with his family hungry, and being unable to find game, the Fox reluctantly returned to the farm. He knew it was dangerous, fearing the Farmer would be prepared; sure enough, the Fox was caught in a trap.

The Farmer, who had been angered to lose even one hen, decided to make an example of the Fox. He soaked a rope in tar, tied it to the Foxs tail, and set it afire!

But now the Tail gets interesting...

Hmmmm...the Tale?

The Fox shrieked and escaped the Farmer's hold, and ran towards the river in panic, sure he would not make it in time. Sparks flew from the rope and ignited the crops. The farm buildings were set ablaze. The henhouses caught fire.

The Farmer was enflamed! He moaned his loss, and shook his fist at the gods to think they would treat him so.

The Fox plunged into the river and doused his burning tail.

P.S. Although the Fox made do with a bare Tail, his children feasted on quite a lot of roast chicken.